I heard the Texan man's accent 
and shivers down my spine it sent 
I knew that every word he said he meant
and fearsome was his drawl

I almost tried to run away
but stayed to hear what he would say
I waited nearly half the day
but heard nothing at all!


her eyes were sapphires....

Her eyes were sapphires...

Set in a beach that was beset often by waves of grief. 

She drew her smile in the sand after every wave.
And after every wave... it was gone.

But her eyes.... 
Her eyes stayed.
Looking up at the stars she could never rise to.

Is this really poetry? no rhyme? or meter? let me know.


heading home.

I love the way the west wind blows.
A lion in a rage,
Except when I am biking home.
And he's not in his cage.


Wishing for snow

Arise and smell the coffee
And feel the shining sun
The snow is gently falling
And the day is almost done

The first snow of the season
Is the one I love the best
But when the winter drags on I
Get sick of all the rest 


what I did today

the bags of leaves are all lined up 
In neat and tidy rows

And even though I'm bundled up 
I can not feel my toes

a happy group of workers are
the men who are my bros

And now we'll go and dump em'
On the yards of all our foes!



Fling out the banner o'er the heads
Of sleeping children in their beds

And with the dawning of the day
Our new regime will be well under way

So rest! ye children, sleep the whole night through!
While we stay up all night and scheme for you!



I'll tell you everything I heard
I got it from a little bird
Just promise not to breathe a word
About the things I say

There was a man named Henry Stow
He drove the train, drove very slow
Because he wanted men to know
That HE could spoil their day

There was a man named Billy Stout
He hated sloth and loved to shout
So he began to shout about 
The slothful trains delay


Stout bought a gun and tried to use
It on the slothful train's caboose
Stow had a fit and had to choose
To speed up or to stay


Therefore, the train rolled in on time
And pulled right up, stopped on a dime
And not a single one did mind
That there was no caboose

BUT. this I know and know full well
Across the creek and oer' the dell
A man who's face doth bode unwell
Is surely on the loose!



A tiny spider in my bed 
Did weave above my sleeping head

A silken web of beauty bright
Within the hours of the night

Apon awakening I find
A pretty tangle in my mind


If my poems end up sounding trite 
That's cause I write them in the night

And if (Part way through) they sound dumb
That's cause I write them while I hum

BUT, if the come out terrible,
There's nothing I can do at all.


The Danger Of open Air Markets.

An apple took I from the stand,
and gripped it firmly with my hand,

But I knew something up was fishy,
for in my hand it felt quite squishy

But then there came the fruit man's lassie
and with her lips so prim and sassy,

said "if you eat this it will trigger,
health and wealth and vim and vigor!"

Said I "your fruit must be amiss,
For, this doth taste of the abyss,


Snowy Ramble-tramp.

 The rabbit trails have interwoven been,
With hordes of booted children,
Who, having no place else to spend their power,
Have taken to the hills this snowy hour.

Back on track and farming like a pro.

The days are so busy, now more and more
Each day is more busy than each one before,
I don't have the time to write thoughts from my head,
And when I make time my thoughts are stone dead.

So give me a break! I work forty hours!
I'm not made of steel and I lack super powers!
I'm doing the best with what little I've got.
two poems a week is a decent-ish shot

Once every Tuesday and Thursday again
We'll see if this works, a poem campaign.


Twice Fast

Like moons of Jupiter your speed
of all the books you find and buy and read
But over twice the speed of that
is all the time it takes to buy a hat.

"Twice fast?" you say, "It cannot be,
twice fast is far too fast for me."



le' moon

The moon It shines on us by night,
By reflecting the rays of the sun,
Lighting way for swift robbers in flight,
After all of their robbing is done.


More Care!

I threw my weary body down,
upon a wizened stump
but in a moment I cried out
and up I soon did jump

It seems a porcupine did find
this place to rest as well,
And many tines and prickly-spines
did find a place to dwell.



Oh several times this week and last
I closed my eyes and knew
that the only thing upon my mind
the only thing was you

I tried to purge you from my mind
with methods tried and true
but the only thing upon my mind
the only thing was you

I'll patch together word and rhyme
and say "there's nothing new.
 the only thing upon my mind
the only thing is you!"

Affliction and Efficiency

I saw a man who had his pants
above his topmost rib.
I thought, "Oh what a clever man,
he needn't any bib!"

I asked "Oh truly clever man,
How did it come about?
That you could fit such tight bib-pants,
upon a frame so stout?"

he answered not a word to me 
But gave me such a yawn,
that soon I felt like he was queen
and I was but a pawn

I said "I do beseech you sir,
forgive my social blunder,
but how do you fit on those pants,
and how, keep them asunder?"

And nothing spake he unto me 
but gave me such a look,
that I felt quite like a cornered bishop
and he much like a rook

"Then if you will not speak to me
I shall not speak to you!"
(I shouted this and I am sure,
he turned a little blue.)

He tipped his hat to me and said
"It's getting rather late."
and as he stoutly marched away 
He shouted back "Check Mate!"


Finished a big ol' poem an gonna post it tomorow.


A Fortunate Meeting

Bit 1 in which we become acquainted  

A man was sleeping on a fence,
I asked him how he did.
He rolled half over in his sleep
And open-ed a lid

"I'm feeling fine" he said as if
in answer to my quest,
"but just today I tried some hay
and it was not the best."

I tried to tell my new-found friend
that eating hay was bunk
He haughtily replied to me 
"Now listen here you punk!"

"I eat thumb tacks and drink pig swill 
for breakfast every day,
I do not see how I could not
digest alfalfa hay!"

Bit 2 in which I use my surreptitiousness to change the subject

I asked "What ever do you do
when needing exercise?"
He said "I've lost a thousand pounds
 By telling awful lies."

"Before that time you must have been 
fan-tas-ti-cal-y fat!"
He nodded twice in his reply
and said "I was at that."

Bit 3 I rearrange the flora of my yard

We left on amiable terms,
and not quite enemies.
But just a soon as I got home
I rooted up my trees.


Oh the intrigue!

My nanny don't have anything
to give the screaming brat
so by and by as time goes on
I feed him this and that

A piece of twine full three feet long 
goes down without complaint
but when I try to give him more
it's plain to see he shaint'

Egg shells and apple cores go down
with seemingly great zeal
but he's developed aversion to 
a ripe banana peel

My brother is a curious case
for he would like as not
eat straight out of the garbage can
as from the simmering pot

in-saddle musing

These subtle verses were composed 
while riding on a horse
and their uncommon messiness 
doth fill me with remorse

mild weather

As I sat on my front porch a-thinking
as the rain it came down from the sky
and there sat my old dog unblinking
a-wanting my last piece of pie

The rain stopped and so did the thinking
and my dog ate the last piece of pie
now i'll go set the water to boiling 
and make up a mean cup of chai


The redistribution of evolution (or punctuated equilibrium!)

Oh once upon a time I saw a fish jump out a lake
and flounder on the shoreline till he furry wings did make
and soar of on the fresh spring air, all in one afternoon 
and if I do but think on it the thought doth make me swoon

Decision of Derision

The robbery took place at night 
when most sane folk snuff out the light
and wait till morning when with paper
they will again alight the taper
The robber wore an ancient sock
with holes through witch to see and talk
with gun in hand said "tis no joke
give me your money aged bloke"
"Here's all of it" the old man said
with lines and wrinkles on his head
but as the robber turned to go
the robbed gave him a glancing blow!
Said he "I am a boxing master 
and this will aid in your disaster
and though you try to run away
I'll beat you till the break of day
The robber wore an ugly bruise 
the fight he did most squarely lose
he gave no thought to sock or gun
but only stopped to breathe, then RUN!


I like lakes oh yes I do
fact: I swim in clean ones too
clear and blue and just like glass
living, shining, moving mass
I hate lakes when naught appears 
but toxic waste up to ones ears
where no fish can gain propulsion
this kind fills me with revulsion 

Half the mast

It is too deep for me to think
how far a broken hull might sink,
among the fishes of the deep
In quiet, unbroken, soundless sleep.

'till silt and sand and mud surround 
and wood itself is turned to ground,
and where once captain yelled "avast
there lies not even half the mast.

revamping and hopefully reposting

So I deleted all of my other meaningless posts and hope to start posting poetry.