Oh several times this week and last
I closed my eyes and knew
that the only thing upon my mind
the only thing was you

I tried to purge you from my mind
with methods tried and true
but the only thing upon my mind
the only thing was you

I'll patch together word and rhyme
and say "there's nothing new.
 the only thing upon my mind
the only thing is you!"

Affliction and Efficiency

I saw a man who had his pants
above his topmost rib.
I thought, "Oh what a clever man,
he needn't any bib!"

I asked "Oh truly clever man,
How did it come about?
That you could fit such tight bib-pants,
upon a frame so stout?"

he answered not a word to me 
But gave me such a yawn,
that soon I felt like he was queen
and I was but a pawn

I said "I do beseech you sir,
forgive my social blunder,
but how do you fit on those pants,
and how, keep them asunder?"

And nothing spake he unto me 
but gave me such a look,
that I felt quite like a cornered bishop
and he much like a rook

"Then if you will not speak to me
I shall not speak to you!"
(I shouted this and I am sure,
he turned a little blue.)

He tipped his hat to me and said
"It's getting rather late."
and as he stoutly marched away 
He shouted back "Check Mate!"


Finished a big ol' poem an gonna post it tomorow.