Ya know what's kinda fun? driving the stick-shift and going to A Midsummer Night's Dream. and then, on the way home, getting lost and it being ok because there's jazz on the radio and rain on the windshield. Finally getting to work and cleaning a bike for an hour and a half and then realizing that the frame is broken and you'll just have to trash it anyway. Eating yummy bread. going home, doing piano. that's fun. :0)



no apology, no forgiveness.

so, I haven't been doing much poetry lately.
because I've been super engrossed in music..
writing some of my own!
so there you go guys. enjoy*

*can I just say here that enjoy is one of my favorite words? ok good.


on the edge he stood.
behind him, the country he had so recently traversed.
around him, opponents, all vying for attention,
but it was almost over for all of them.


The blinding flash.

He hated family vacations.