The redistribution of evolution (or punctuated equilibrium!)

Oh once upon a time I saw a fish jump out a lake
and flounder on the shoreline till he furry wings did make
and soar of on the fresh spring air, all in one afternoon 
and if I do but think on it the thought doth make me swoon

Decision of Derision

The robbery took place at night 
when most sane folk snuff out the light
and wait till morning when with paper
they will again alight the taper
The robber wore an ancient sock
with holes through witch to see and talk
with gun in hand said "tis no joke
give me your money aged bloke"
"Here's all of it" the old man said
with lines and wrinkles on his head
but as the robber turned to go
the robbed gave him a glancing blow!
Said he "I am a boxing master 
and this will aid in your disaster
and though you try to run away
I'll beat you till the break of day
The robber wore an ugly bruise 
the fight he did most squarely lose
he gave no thought to sock or gun
but only stopped to breathe, then RUN!


I like lakes oh yes I do
fact: I swim in clean ones too
clear and blue and just like glass
living, shining, moving mass
I hate lakes when naught appears 
but toxic waste up to ones ears
where no fish can gain propulsion
this kind fills me with revulsion 

Half the mast

It is too deep for me to think
how far a broken hull might sink,
among the fishes of the deep
In quiet, unbroken, soundless sleep.

'till silt and sand and mud surround 
and wood itself is turned to ground,
and where once captain yelled "avast
there lies not even half the mast.

revamping and hopefully reposting

So I deleted all of my other meaningless posts and hope to start posting poetry.