Oh the intrigue!

My nanny don't have anything
to give the screaming brat
so by and by as time goes on
I feed him this and that

A piece of twine full three feet long 
goes down without complaint
but when I try to give him more
it's plain to see he shaint'

Egg shells and apple cores go down
with seemingly great zeal
but he's developed aversion to 
a ripe banana peel

My brother is a curious case
for he would like as not
eat straight out of the garbage can
as from the simmering pot

in-saddle musing

These subtle verses were composed 
while riding on a horse
and their uncommon messiness 
doth fill me with remorse

mild weather

As I sat on my front porch a-thinking
as the rain it came down from the sky
and there sat my old dog unblinking
a-wanting my last piece of pie

The rain stopped and so did the thinking
and my dog ate the last piece of pie
now i'll go set the water to boiling 
and make up a mean cup of chai