what I did today

the bags of leaves are all lined up 
In neat and tidy rows

And even though I'm bundled up 
I can not feel my toes

a happy group of workers are
the men who are my bros

And now we'll go and dump em'
On the yards of all our foes!


  1. This poem brings me great joy. :)

  2. Ah... fall. That's a Minnesota feature to be appreciated. Unless you have devious foes looking for alternate methods of disposing of their leaves.

  3. haha...nice, got to put that work to use you know...wait til dark though and then you can blame it on the wind...putting it right in front of their door would be hilarious...

  4. that's so funny i did that all the time to my 2 bros 4 sistas all the time then my dad got tiered of it and just bight something so we did not have to help and he could just do it himself